Our Mission

The mission of Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandir School of Fine Arts founded by Jayashree Varadarajan is to enrich lives by imparting a thorough knowledge of Carnatic (South Indian Classical) music to all students regardless of background. From its inception more than two decades ago, Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandir has provided the highest quality of music education through theory, practice and enrichment workshops within intimate class settings. The school strives to create individuals who are aware, competent, inquisitive, knowledgeable, and appreciative of Carnatic music. Jayashree Varadarajan's multi-dimensional, holistic teaching of this ancient art form goes beyond mere singing to developing aware, caring, and disciplined citizens of the world.

Our School

Jayashree Varadarajan founded Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandir School of Fine Arts. The school is dedicated to teaching its students Carnatic music in its purest and most authentic form. Emphasis is placed on the purity of voice, diction, and fine quality of renditions. Based in Sunnyvale California, the school has students of all ages and nationalities. It has produced several graduates who are artists in their own right.

Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandir has a reputation for producing unique and innovative productions that are of outstanding musical quality. Whether in the quiet, intimate setting of a temple, or in the grand operatic setting of a modern auditorium, the school's productions focus on uncompromising quality and accuracy of musical delivery. Produced under the artistic leadership of Jayashree Varadarajan, these events win local, national and international acclaim.

In 1988, “Raga Rasa” Jayashree Varadarajan pioneered the approach where her students sang choir style. From that dramatic moment onward, every production has taken leaps and bounds in innovation while consistently maintaining the purity and authenticity of Carnatic music. In 1989, “Music, a factor in world harmony” portrayed the unifying theme of harmony in diversity using the universal language — music. In 1990 and 1991, the operatic productions of “Syananduresvara” and “Prince of Ayodhya” received critical reviews and requests for repeat productions. In January 1993, with “Shiva Priya”, an operatic rendering, Jayashree Varadarajan again featured breakthrough innovation with English subtitles — a major step towards increasing audience rapport and appreciation. More recent productions include “Forgive Me" of Adi Sankara, “Keepers of the Flame” and “Planet Prayers” all of which broadened the horizons for listeners in both music and depth of inspirational content.

Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandir offers workshops and lecture demonstrations in the theory and practice of Indian classical music. It offers concert opportunities for both debutantes and seasoned performers. The school invests in collaborative efforts with artists in different disciplines from all over the world. It has released books, audiocassettes, and CDs enabling music lovers all over the world to benefit from the appreciation of this ancient art form. The school sponsors Sri Rama Performing Arts, a non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting Carnatic music and contributing to the diverse cultural heritage of the USA.